Saturday, March 17, 2007

skipping school to visit a "Sweetheart"

Damn! I love this photo! Michael's intial post has been getting me dizzy with second hand nostalgia. Wish I could hop into a time machine and just lose myself on a street lined with grand cinemas and marquees that tease, promising thrills and chills!

But wait... as I dig through more info on the cinema in this pic, the "Anco", I just discovered that it is the cinema in the pic that I have used for the header image on this very own blog! Check it!

And, as it turns out, both pics were taken by Matt Weber. Visit his website and maybe even purchase one of his books.

For more history on "Sweetheart's Anco" like the following, visit the cinema's entry at
The Sleazoid Express book describes a frightening account of watching movies at the Anco, including "bodily fluids" on the floor! I remember a "UA Premiere" showcase engagement at the Anco for the double bill of "Guns of the Magnificent Seven" and "Death Rides a Horse", in 1969. The Anco was actually listed in ad for this booking in the NY Times.
Here is a pic of the Anco before it has to pay the rent with cinema sleaze...

For more old 42nd marquee pics, visit the 42nd Street Memories album over at Photobucket.

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tintarchive said...

It's incredible, isn't it? I feel like such a geek but it is truly exciting to look at that stuff and dream of a cinema mad world and the movies. People are really missing out. Maybe it will come back one day...