Friday, July 03, 2009


Browsing through eBay tonight finding some real gems, like this one:

DON`T YOU WANT TO KNOW??? Real FAN Mail! READ REAL FAN MAIL! Are you ever curious?? Curious what is in all that fan mail sent to movie and television stars? Well now you can have YOUR OWN peek. You are bidding on 5 0r 6 pieces of authentic fan mail sent to DAVID CARRADINE. KUNG FU himself!!! That`s a lot of mail. You will be amazed at what people put in a fan letter. Sex, passion, rock & roll! Curiouser?? Put in a bid and find out for yourself. This is the REAL stuff! Some of it still unopened.

This can be yours for the "Buy Now" price of only $14.95!


Michael said...

My inner voyeur kinda wants to buy that kind of shit. Old yearbooks and other personal items that I have a mild fascination (fetish) with.

J. Astro said...

What's gross and funny about this is the pure shameless vagueness of the listing - "5 or 6" pieces, "that's a lot of mail!" "Sex, rock and roll..." "Some of it still unopened!"

5 or 6; what, you can't be bothered to actually count 'em?

That's not a "lot", btw

oh, and if "some" of this huuuuuge (*sarcasm alert) number of mail is unopened, how do you actually know if it contains any "sex and rock & roll", or just a recipe for rice krispy treats?