Thursday, May 29, 2008

oh Roxy

Over at BlogTO, I found this grand prize winning photo from their CONTACT-themed Between Memory and History photo contest by Jay Morrison of the closed Roxy Theatre on the Danforth. Check out Jay's other Toronto photos on Flickr.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fresh but fumy air

I'm glad Colin called in his exciting report from overseas so that my coattail riding (thanks, Jesse!) isn't so glaringly obvious and he handily brought up the topic of polluted air as well. Either way, it's nice to see a flurry of activity. It must be summer.

And in summer, one used to see an abundance of hitchhikers on the road. I actually saw two within the last pair of weeks and, surprised, it occurred to me that they aren't around that much. I guess out here in the sticks they are certainly more prevalent than on the 400 series of highways but it's still really gone down remarkably since the days of my carefree and careless youth. I have stuck my thumb out on several occasions but I've never picked anybody up while cruising alone but did with a friend on a couple of highly memorable drives. I let a hippie hiker crash on my couch once.

Thankfully, Hollywood (and other environs) has always kept track of coming and going fads and we have these films (and advertisements for them) as little time capsules and momentary trips back into carefree days of drifting in the sunny middle months. With their images and messages freshly restored in my mind, I think it's fair to say that I will be picking up the next needy traveler, and you should too.

love on the red carpet

Sadly, we were not reporting LIVE from Cannes back when cigarette smoke and lipstick was so sexy. Check out more fotos at Cinebeats.

red carpet and crap on the riviera

LIVE from Cannes...

Friday, May 09, 2008

Kaprisky Point

My tribute to my teenage crushes continues with the trailer for Breathless with Richard Gere and the breathtaking Valérie Kaprisky. Breathless is begging for a critical reappraisal - it is almost a companion to Scarface in terms of hyperbolic eighties stylishness (the great Richard Sylbert being the production designer) and a clear influence on Tarantino's brand of cool, but Scarface got the cult following. Gere is pretty good in the film, but watching this great trailer now makes me wish they had cast Mickey Rourke...

A Nightmare at La Défense

Bande-annonce pour le film La Nuit des Traquées (Jean Rollin, 1980), filmé sur place à La Défense, l'entreprise banlieue de Paris. Avec Brigitte Lahaie, certainement une des plus belles femmes de tous les temps.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sanctions Don't Work

Back in the day when they showed you the paperback that inspired the film...the movie is boring but the trailer for The Eiger Sanction delivers the goods.