Thursday, April 10, 2008

free baby free

Blog trolling instead of working this afternoon and found this glorious image from William Klein's MR. FREEDOM. Here is the review from Steven Puchalski's fantastic mag Shock Cinema where I first read about it. Come to think about it, Shock Cinema has turned me on to so many great films. Three cheers that he is still putting out the magazine. The newest issue features interviews with: The latest issue features interviews with:
Actor Bo Svenson (Part 2 Walking Tall, Inglorious Bastards, Breaking Point); actor-musician Lee Ving (Streets of Fire, Get Crazy, Clue, Black Moon Rising); actor Barry Primus (Boxcar Bertha, The Rose, New York New York); actress Isela Vega (Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, The Deadly Trackers); and director Gus Trikonis (The Swinging Barmaids, Nashville Girl, Moonshine County Express). What are you waiting for? Get a subscription!

Best Pic of Russ Meyer Ever?

Hooray for the return of Zines blog from France with more scans of French genre film mags!

Stuck on Bronson

From Junkyard Clubhouse by route of Blonde Zombies. A nice soul on the comments for the entry translated the Japanese as the following:

From top to bottom:

Cheer up
Come on
You wanna die quickly?
Cheer up
Cheer up
I’m a tough guy

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

He Was Legend

I enjoyed Heston in the movies too - ahh, those gnashing teeth. Here's the great scene from The Omega Man where he gets in some "me-time" at the local bijou, enjoying a cheap matinee.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Nova alone

I'm not going to eulogize the man and/or sink into politics but I do want to thank him for the great times he has given me over the years. Icons like him always fail to impress me with talent and then simultaneously confuse me with their star status and culturally powerful force. I never quite get it. Taylor is finally dead on this planet but my fondest memory and favourite movie with Heston is definitely 1974's wonderful Earthquake.

I saw it fresh at my local cinema and then discovered its joys once more on video with my fun-loving friends. And what a cast! George Kennedy in a stunning, non-Patroni disaster role. His scene in the police station is triumphant. Richard Roundtree! Ava Gardner! A double-whammy of Canuckish star-shimmer in Geneviève Bujold AND Lorne Greene. A cameo by Walter Matthau and, good lord, Marjoe Gortner is sublime! I won't even begin an attempt at doing the special effects justice. I must get a copy of this on DVD! I had kinda nearly began to forget about it. That's a mistake!