Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another special day

Happy birthday to Annie Sprinkle!

The erotic fantasies of my youth would have been lonely without her.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leave the children

Great and varied selection of design and sizes for a lesser-known but nonetheless astonishing late-60s work from John Huston. The cast is uniformly great and I only wish that the character of Anacleto could have been featured in the trailer as his scenes have some astounding impact towards the overall mood and oddness of the proceedings. Originally screened as a print with a golden tint, I think they changed it to standard colour due to the confusion of the sepia over the already strange goings-on. Seek it and be rewarded in glorious excess.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy birthday

To easily one of my all-time favourite screen actors, Warren Oates, who would have been an enigmatic 81 today had he lived longer than 53+ years. I had no idea that it was today but I did order this biography (and I'm very excited about it!) from my local bookstore this past Thursday and I was just sorts priming myself up by reading a bit about it and him here now when I came across the fact so I thought I'd celebrate him just a little bit and especially his wildly wonderful relationship with director Monte Hellman. If you get the chance, (re)watch something with Oates as soon as you can as you will not be disappointed.

Cockfighter re-released with a little more flair and drive-in eye-catchability, I'd have to assume. Warren isn't cockfighting, gambling and drinking anymore, he's flying around in a smashed-up convertible with an axe! As I recall, he drives a very tricked-out station wagon(a class vehicle!) with an automatic, drop-down back door.

Although Jack is illustrated and taking full credits, this picture belongs to Oates with his normal ease. I wish there was a truly magnificent DVD release of this one. In time, I suppose. Or hope.

From the desk of Anger

And speaking of personal correspondences, I just had to dig out this piece that I bought off ebay back when I was first struck with the deep-fevered virus of the poster collector. I just could not help myself. First, you've got the awesomeness of Kenneth's personalised stationary and, following closely, you've got the fact that it was written to Famous Monsters of Filmland mastermind, Forrest J. Ackerman. So, if two odd and eccentric figures communicating via the mail isn't enough to get you hot, it's all about Anger's anxiety over having left a valuable poster with a restorer to be mounted on linen for preservation. Who can't identify with that awful, sinking feeling?

Anyway, enjoy. And we'll touch on the art (and oftentimes you cannot justify calling it that) of linenbacking in the future. A touchy subject, you can bet.

Friday, July 03, 2009


Browsing through eBay tonight finding some real gems, like this one:

DON`T YOU WANT TO KNOW??? Real FAN Mail! READ REAL FAN MAIL! Are you ever curious?? Curious what is in all that fan mail sent to movie and television stars? Well now you can have YOUR OWN peek. You are bidding on 5 0r 6 pieces of authentic fan mail sent to DAVID CARRADINE. KUNG FU himself!!! That`s a lot of mail. You will be amazed at what people put in a fan letter. Sex, passion, rock & roll! Curiouser?? Put in a bid and find out for yourself. This is the REAL stuff! Some of it still unopened.

This can be yours for the "Buy Now" price of only $14.95!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Happy Canada Day! We're 142 today!

In celebration, I thought I'd post this mildly Canuck-themed poster/paper bit.

We Want a Child is one in a long (and grand) series of exploitation films about fortunate and unfortunate sexual couplings resulting in pregnancy, whether wanted or not, and the often catastrophic results wrought upon every character within pointing distance of those with the upstanding and down-laying qualities. A fun night out at the movies!

When this Danish (more daring Scandinavians!) film from 1949 was brought to Canada, it was loaned an extra air of authority in that it was presented by the Canadian Child Health Association. I have no idea whether this is an actual government board or not but it's safe to assume it likely was and that this film was shown (including the always alluring birth of a baby scene) under the guise of public education. All Canadian should be proud to know that we'd gladly squander taxpayer dollars to bring this type of movie to many, many Canadians so that we might one day see the end of pre-marital hanky-panky, dysfunctional relationships, heartbreak and the slippery-sloped ruination of our proud and hardy citizens. Bless us!