Friday, March 16, 2007

i don't think so...

Here in merry old Toronto, there has been an ad campaign by Bell Mobility, one of the local phone/internet providers boasting how you can watch SPIDERMAN 2 and PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN on your cell phone. WHAT? On a two inch screen? A widescreen film? You have to be kidding. Sorry, but that just screams LOSER. Then I see this ad over on a blog by a fellow Canuck, The Legion of Decency.
SLAP! Yeah, I will trade in a sticky floor with the boob with bad BO crammed up against me lookin' over my shoulder on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commison). Now TV on cell, okay, I can see that. Heck, right now I am watching Battlestar Galactica on a shrunk down window on my computer as I write this, but a widescreen film chock full of detail? I remember when I saw GLADIATOR in the cinema and noticed an aerial shot of the colosseum with a flock of doves taking flight and realized that if I saw that on TV screen it would look like a swarm of dust mites... Think about the criticisms you see on the net trashing films using works like "suck" or "blows" in their reviews. Did they see it on a two inch screen? Probably. Anyways, rather than rant and fume and get all worked up, skip over to The Legion of Decency for the full skinny on this service and some thoughts on the practical ways of using these little "devil boxes".
The Ad says "starting from $5.99" and, given Bell Mobility's various "frame enhancements", the actual video image on their top of the line Samsung a920 is 1"x1.25".

Unless they Letterbox it.

Excuse me?

Yes. Some of Bell Mobility's offerings are letterboxed, reducing the size of their screen to 1.25"x.5".


jimhenshaw said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the link and the support. It's great to see a site dedicated to the sheer love of movies, a love the people at Bell obviously have never experienced.

I think we're all aware they're just demons dispatched by Satan to lower the standards. Long live sticky floors and the smell of old popcorn.


tintarchive said...

Can we (you) sue?