Tuesday, March 13, 2007

its the end of the world, I want to live inside a shopping mall...

Found this song back in October and it continues to ring around in my head. Been meaning to share it for some time, so now, I proudly present the first 45 in the Popcorn and Sticky Floors juke box... "George Romero" by The Sprites
George Romero is a tribute to the director of one of our favorite movies "Dawn of the Dead". Its also about the secret longing to live in such a world which, yes, is supposed to be scary, but really might not be so bad after all.
Some local T-Dot trivia - George Romero seems to have abandoned Pittsburgh and now lives in Toronto where he shot LAND OF THE DEAD and the upcoming DIARY OF THE DEAD.

Also in the roll call of the song:

Dario Argento
(crossing my fingers for THE THIRD MOTHER...)

Stuart Gordon
(pic by Beth Gwinn - check out her other photos of horror film/lit icons)

Sam Raimi

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