Saturday, March 24, 2007

uhhhh... thats it?

Found a copy of Entertainment Weekly stuck to the floor of one of the cubicles in the mens room. All the pics of Rose McGowan were ripped out and stuck to the wall with bubblegum. I think we have a serial crime on our hands because last week, in the "Ladies" room, we found pics from another copy of EW of Gerard Butler from 300 up on the wall, but someone had stuck (again with bubblegum that smelt like Big Red) pics of Sid Haig's mug over Gerard's face. However the disturbing fact is that it was Haig circa 1970... Mr. Greenwood (our janitor) might have other details about that clean-up.

One of the things left in the mag was this selection of favourite movie posters from Grindhouse directors Tarantino and Rodriguez. Reads more like a top ten of movies rather than any merit of the poster design... Come on guys!

Meanwhile, industry tracking on Grindhouse is sounding weak, but then when do true movie fans pay attention to bean-counters. Found some interesting observations and predictions on the film from The Badger Herald, by a writer who does own an autographed poster of MS. 45... I think we all know that GRINDHOUSE is:
...the most anticipated film of the spring among the all-important demographics of 15-year-old boys, movie store clerks and anti-social, basement-dwelling shut-ins.
And good serve on this one (go rent CHERRY FALLS!):
It’s a lot easier to riff on the cultural mores of 1970s filmmaking than it is go out and make an honest-to-goodness incarnation of grindhouse cinema in the modern movie market. This is why the likes of “Cherry Falls,” “Jack Frost,” and “Ginger Snaps 2”— the three best direct-to-video exploitation movies of the last decade — are infinitely more impressive than anything Tarantino or Rodriguez could come up with for “Grindhouse.”
We eagerly wait for opening day...


tintarchive said...

Although it would seem prudent to blame me, we must remember that it is the patrons that leave things behind and have unhealthy sexual habits. My Haig/Hill/Spider Baby obsession only makes me look guilty but I have never liked cinnamon gum, man.

I've never heard of 'Cherry Falls' but QT's legend as a poster collector has fallen greatly and I can't stand him and the hype for another second. Will I see the film? I don't know. Is Haig in it?

Anonymous said...

No Haig in Grindhouse. Bummer, I know. Vive La Haig!