Thursday, March 15, 2007

todays letter is "I" for Italy and India

Isn't the jukebox in our lobby pretty? We are so pleased with this little work horse, an Atari Jupiter Rubis II made in France. We are slowly filling it, although with only the George Romero song and the Emanuelle 2 soundtrack, it has been a little repetitive, although you should see the little dance the snack bar girlies do when "L'Arrivee d'Emmanuelle" comes on...

Once again, visiting the cold and chilly Manchester Morgue (which by the way is the 142nd most popular site on the internet with the word 'Morgue' in the name), we find a good LP find, Morricone's soundtrack to John Carpenter's THE THING! And Check out this cool Italian poster for the film! Icky!

So that is our post from Italy. Next up, India! This is truly a blog with a mission:
"A box of some 150 Bollywood soundtracks on vinyl; classics, duds, and those with one or two good songs on them. The plan: Make MP3s and upload them all here, on a semi-regular basis."
Zip over to Music from the Third Floor, for a wide array of classic Bollywood soundtracks with lots of RD Burman! Screw John Williams, RD is the man! The Morricone of India! And the site is bursting with vocals by Asha Bhosle! Plus there is a Flickr gallery of all the covers!

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