Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Thanks George Bush, Dick Chaney, and Donald Rumsfeld there is a whole new wave of horror movies that is back..."

Eli Roth on CNN...

and how he got the "look" for the his Thanksgiving GRIINDHOUSE trailer:

Holy fuck, it was so damn fun making that trailer. The best part was actually aging down the film. My brother Gabe (who produced the trailer) and I took it from the lab and threw it over a balcony, into a fountain in a courtyard. We ran the film all over the ground, stomping on it, spitting on it, scratching it, and asking any smokers passing by to burn it with cigarettes. And I have to say: it looks like shit. I mean, it looks perfect, but it really looks like a trailer that's been sitting in the floor of a beat up Chevy since 1978. It's pretty fucked up. After being so careful to make sure everything looked absolutely perfect on "Hostel Part II" it was a nice release to try and make something look as shitty as possible.

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