Thursday, April 12, 2007

cinema alley trip Nipon style

From the blog of our overseas cinema patron Jason Gray comes this cool little video that he shot when on his way to catch a screening the erotic film WATCHER IN THE ATTIC, part of the retrospective "Fugue of Sex and Love: The World of Tanaka Noboru" (「性と愛のフーガ 田中登の世界」) at Laputa, a Tokyo art cinema. He winds his way through a maze of little bars (Strawberry Fields - filled with Beatles memorbilia) at night to the lobby of the cinema. I think I walked by here when I was first in Tokyo in 2000. Seeing these images makes me wish I could hop over there and sip some sake with Jason-san and I say that out of the duty of a loyal friendship and not just because he says that,"Another great thing about Laputa is that it's completely staffed by good looking women."

Also read his posting about the notorious Japanese cannibal killer Sagawa Issei.

As I scroll further down his blog (which I haven't visited in awhile), I start to blush...

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