Wednesday, April 04, 2007

figures and a press release

Off to see the Toronto sneak of GRINDHOUSE tonight. My expectations are set to low and trying not to get sucked into the fanboy hype. Meanwhile we got a press release sent to us to post on our humble little blog. Of course, it has a Canadian angle.

Trying to search for a suitable pic for the post and came across the image for the GRINDHOUSE action figures? Huh? That's a QT action figure? As the nasty GI rapist?! Ick! I'd like to put out a call for a little contest of our own - lets see a QT figure mash-up! A cig lighter, a wire hanger and some parts from old He-Man, GI Joe, Six Million Dollar Man, Barbie or Micronaut action figures is all you need! Now on with the release:
HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN "trailer" to be shown on 150 GRINDHOUSE prints across Canada.

Jason Eisener, 24, of Halifax will have his contest-winning "trailer", Hobo With a Shotgun, programmed as a regular trailer in front of 150 prints of GRINDHOUSE, opening wide across Canada this Friday, April 6. The trailer was entered for a contest held at the SXSW Film Festival last month as a promotion by Robert Rodriguez in anticipation of his film, GRINDHOUSE. Eisner's entry won the contest. Hobo With a Shotgun has been remastered and blown up to 35mm and will be screened across Canada during the trailers section for most regular engagement screenings of GRINDHOUSE. Eisener, who works in a Halifax comic book shop, shot the trailer over five days, with a budget of only $150. The popularity of his trailer has led to its inclusion on the Canadian theatrical release of GRINDHOUSE.

GRINDHOUSE, a collaboration of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, is an homage to the seedy seventies-era cinemas that would screen a non-stop flow of slasher, zombie, and sexploitation films. GRINDHOUSE features two films, Planet Terror, by Rodriguez, and Death Proof, by Tarantino, bridged by multiple trailers for non-existent films of the same style, directed by the likes of Rob Zombie and Eli Roth.

Jason Eisner is available for interview/comment.
His trailer can be seen here:

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