Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Life made simpler

I was just over at the lovely and indispensable IMDb looking up 1968's 'The Night of the Following Day' because it was talked about on Saturday night when the blogbeer was going down and recommended with gusto by Jesse. Anyway, I know they have a new layout over there and it has some people miffed but I just noticed that you can now use keywords when trying to find suitable film entertainment. This particular piece of Brando 60s oddness comes with a couple of descriptive words including lovemaking which I just had to click on. I feel it's a sad comment on our too rushed and cold world when only 44 titles come up with that gentle keyword. Very sad indeed. However, it's better than none and if you look to the left, you can narrow that search down even closer depending on your idea of more ideal elements therein or up against this lovemaking. Like nipples or panties or ethnic slur or leather jacket. This looks like fun.

These two films are singled out in the lovemaking realm and they're all I can represent in poster form.

I'm such a fan of lovemaking that I actually have three different styles of 'The Mating Urge' housed within these soft, warm walls.

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Gargantuan Media said...

This is one of the best Z-grade flicks of this blog. I also dig the Lee Marvin homage and Frigid Wife! poster that you dudes have up here. Creep up the good work, fellas.

Gargantuan Media