Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Scares

First, last night, I had to watch this since my sister always talks about me making a fuss about it as a young boy and I needed to revisit that carefree time of fright. It was pretty effective and I can see why I was all atwitter. I mean, why did they show stuff like that on TV? It freaked me out and now I finally know why I'm always afraid to look over the edge of a boat or under water in lakes. This movie and Peeping Tom screwed me up, man. I think it may have even introduced me to thinking that I may be crazy and that's never stopped after all these years!

And although it's not a horror, I found the relentless malevolence and the inability to die of the main character became worrisome as the movie progressed and he seeemed like something out of a horror. Maybe more like Scarface but a less successful gangster and complete hothead. It was pretty cool and freaky and I liked it. Plus, it had everything from cannibalism and drug use to sex and good violence but far too little Reiko Ike for my tastes and she is radiant when you first see her. I read about this movie a few times and jotted it down as one to see and then I got the poster in anticipation and now finally I've seen it. Such accomplishment!

Graveyard of Honor

Here's the trailer, by the way...

Good long weekend so far over here.

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