Thursday, November 02, 2006

meanwhile over at Yonge

Ahhh... what used to be Yonge Street. It was the main drag. If you straightened out Times Square, you would have an idea of its importance. So many cinemas dotted the street. Now... nuthin. With the literal fall of the Uptown in 2004, the street that means so much to the identity of Toronto is devoid of any space that shows films, with the exception of some of the live theatre venues that are transformed during the Toronto International Film Festival and some multiplex places in the north. That doesn't count. Here is an example of what played on Yonge Street (Fun Street), ironically, at "The Yonge" and some pics of the strip. The ad came from some time I researching library when I was thinking of doing a zine on Toronto's cinema history, long since abandoned, but revitalized thanks to the inter-web. Expect more of this in future postings.



Jason Gray said...

Hey! I like this new blog. Newspaper ads are always great, but facade fotos are even better. Holy Grail: A photo of the Shaw Brothers theater in TO. It wasn't just a dream, was it?

Get Ferguson to show you his old notebooks listing all the films he saw in the 70s. Your jaw will drop.


Dion Conflict's Personal (for now) Blog said...

I was trying to think when Cinema 2000 burnt down. Either way, it was depressing. After an R.E.M. concert, we were going to go the the "newly renovated" one and see "Backside to the Future", but it just wouldn't be the same.

Matroni, you should be pluggin my blog! ;)