Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Does your airline pilot need one for the road?

From Variety October 17, 1979 - aka DANGER IN THE SKIES

Pulled from the trivia section of the IMDB:
Started shooting in Palm Beach, Florida in November 1978 according to articles in Boxoffice magazine. Articles said screenwriter Robert P. Davis was directing and that Robertson had co-written the script. "C. Gregory Earls of Cecil Prunier Productions is producing", said the Nov 20 1978 issue of Boxoffice. Apparently Robertson took over the directing chores.
And the comments from the IMDB seem very forgiving...


Jesse said...

They should make this movie right now.

Kevin Costner's old enough - he could direct it too! It could be a follow-up to The Postman.

Dion Conflict's Personal (for now) Blog said...

Actually, it's not a bad little film and there was a great theatrical trailer for it. I have a copy taped from CITY TV back in the day. It even ran at a 8pm "great movies" time slot. Robertson can actually directed and should have done that instead of cornball AT&T commercials