Monday, November 20, 2006

Le Parisien

The Imperial Six has a sister in Montreal. Le Parisien.


I almost did a backflip when I rounded a corner heading to St. Catherine Street and came across this near clone of the Imperial Six's seventies sci-fi lobby, all white lighting and helvetica signage (The Imperial had a little something extra - TV screens behind glass, rolling previews...) I always thought the design was cool - no wonder Montreal's seen fit to keep theirs.

Le Parisien's programming is like the Carlton in Toronto - mostly francophone arthouse fare. The photo here was taken during the World Film Festival in the late eighties.

We need more Imperial Six memories, people.


milo said...
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milo said...

Last film I saw at the Imperial 6 was "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome". I remember seeing "Doctor Butcher" posters when I walked by as a kid. Cheers,ES.