Thursday, November 16, 2006

Coffee, Tea or Me?

Fasten your seat belt, and return your tray to the upright, locked position.


Michael said...

In 3-D!

Oh, is there html that would allow me to post the image as a comment or is that not good?

Jiangtou said...

I even saw it in 3D when Dion COndflict brought it to the ROyal! and Michael, if you want to send me the image to my email via my profile. why does your website not work? I click on "enter" and get: The requested URL /main.htm was not found on this server.

Michael said...

Nice! I wish I'd seen it.

I don't know! I can send the images, I suppose. I was just wondering if there was a way to post the image as a comment with html rather than a link. You know, something like [IMG] or whatever. I wanted to do it for the 'Tony' clip from last week since I have the 'Like Mother, Like Daughter' one sheet as well. The website should work and that link I left in the first comment is working for me with just a copy and paste. The title page is all that's there aside from storage. I haven't actually built the site but I have 1800+ images that I can link to, so that's okay. If you click my name, that's all there is to the site so far.