Tuesday, November 28, 2006

happy birthday Joe Dante!

Just a quick post to honour the B-Day of Joe Dante. If you haven't seen his Masters of Horror episode, Homecoming, check it out as it is easily the best in the series (I still have to watch Miike's "Imprint" episode).

In the summer I watched CARQUAKE aka CANNONBALL projected outdoors from a super 8 print (at Dion's Wiltshire Drive-In) and spotted his cameo as the grease monkey who kinda saves the day. I got to meet him at the Sitges Festival in Spain in October and meant to tell him that but blanked!

Check out more Dante b-day wishes in the Joe Dante Blog-a-Thon at Tim Lucas' Video WatchBlog, MovieMorlocks.com (who wishes "Joe Dante and John Sayles would get back together"), Nadaland, and at KGB Productions, Inc.

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