Thursday, November 23, 2006

hilton vs milan

While JH has revealed the George Hilton in his hand, I am going to throw down a Tomas Milan! You've probably seen him as the sadistic mexican general in TRAFFIC, but back in the late 60s and early 70s, this Cuban actor was the shit for Italian pulp cinema. He would flip from playing Mexican raggamuffin banditos to smart talking tough street cops. One of my favourite spaghetti westerns starring Milan is FACE TO FACE (1967) aka ''Faccia a faccia'' co-starring Gian Maria Volontè, who played "Indio" in FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE (and who despite passing from a heart attack in 1994 has a wicked official website). Directed by Sergio Sollima, FACE TO FACE is part of a loose political trilogy which includes THE BIG GUNDOWN (1966) and RUN, MAN, RUN (1967), all rife with anti-capitalistic and anti-fascist themes.Behind the dusty shoot-outs in FACE TO FACE is a heavy political allegory about the rise of fascism in Europe, but you can ignore the morality and enjoy the kickass Morricone soundtrack!

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