Tuesday, December 25, 2007

tidings and passings

Earlier this year I was trying to track down a 35mm or 16mm print of the underrated Canadian seasonal crime caper THE SILENT PARTNER starring Elliot Gould and Christopher Plummer to show in our cinema with no luck. Or at least no luck in Canada. I located a print in the vaults of The Alamo Drafthouse, but the cost of shipping it up worked against us. Maybe next year. In March Jesse posted about the release of the film on DVD with the lackluster cover art that has in commonwith the wave of RESERVOIR DOGS fashioned criminal buddy flicks than a gun and old Saint Nick.

Sadly, the reason for mentioning the film on our blog serves as an epitaph for the legendary Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson, who composed the score for the film and sadly passed away on Sunday night. THE SILENT PARTNER was the only feature film that he did a score for, even though his muic had been used in the soundtracks of several films including Woody Allen's PLAY IT AGAIN SAM.

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