Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Krampus loves us cause we are bad

We knew what to expect for being "bad" all year as on December 5th we were visited by Krampus and got a good thrashing with his broom for being such little deviants. He seemed to take great delight in lashing the girls who work behind the snack bar who shrieked and threw Nibs at him in an attempt to appease Saint Nick's demonic helper.

All these pics come from a tasty new blog that I stumbled on, Monster Brains, a fantabulous bestiary of things furred and finned, with a special seasonal interest in all art that is Krampus-worthy. For more info on Krampus, read the wikipedia entry or this eye-witness account of the pre-Christian Alpine demon's wrath.

Here is a quick lesson on Krampus:

Some footage of the Krampus in spreading Xmas pain:

And his recent TV appearance in the US:

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