Saturday, December 01, 2007

boo-lated trick or treat with GOBLINA

I don't think I have posted anything about the fabulous job that Rue Morgue magazine does. If you haven't heard of it, Rue Morgue is a mag published up here in the Great White North (by that I mean Toronto) that specializes in all aspects of horror: movies, books, comics, music; art, games, toys and more. Each year they hold the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, part of FanExpo, offering horror fans a wide selection of vendors and guests, providing much relief from the over catering to the likes of anime and comic fans. Past guests haveincluded Alexandro Jodorowsky (!?), Crispin Glover, Alice Cooper, Kane Hodder (Jason from FRIDAY THE 13TH, Dough Bradley (Pinhead from HELLRAISER), Larry Fessenden (HABIT, THE LAST WINTER), Tom Savini, and Karen Black. This year's guests included Dario Argento (the guest of honour), George Romero, Malcolm McDowell, Adam West, Dave Prowse (FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL), H.G. Lewis (BLOOD FEAST), Michael Biehn (TERMINATOR), Adrienne Barbeau (mmmmmmmmm), Greg Nicotero (make-up and effects guy on KILL BILL, NARNIA, ARMY OF DARKNESS and countless other hits), member of Argento's "house" band Goblin, Maurizio Guarini (who lives in Richmond Hill, a suburb of Toronto!), and the lovely actress Coralina Cataldi Tassoni (OPERA, DEMONS 2, MOTHER OF TEARS). Dedicated fans have to haul lots of memorabilia around this convention I tell ya! Below I have included some links to vids that I posted on YouTube from this years Festival that I neglected to post here.

Rue Morgue also holds the monthly CineMacbre Movie Nights at The Bloor Cinema and the last film they showed was a pristine print of Mario Bava's BAY OF BLOOD. Other screenings have included NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, HATCHET, PHANTASM, Doug Buck's SISTERS, THE ABANDONED, and RITUALS. Plus they have a radio show – the last show had Liisa Ladoucer interviewing Francois-Edues Chanfrault, the composer of A L'INTERIER and HAUTE TENSION). Basically they are making Toronto a better place to live in.

However, the real reason of this post is to show off this little clip reel I made of some photos and low res footage shot at their Halloween party, the Masque of Black Death! Costumes, booze and performers galore, it is the ultimate trick or treat. This year they had the Goblin tribute band GOBLINA play, featuring above mentioned Goblin member Maurizio Guarini and Coralina Cataldi Tassoni on guest vocals!

Thanks for the great treat Rue Morgue!

Goblina at Rue Morgue's Masque of Black Death

Romero and Argento Reunion at Fest of Fear 07<

Argento on Witches at Fest of Fear 07

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