Thursday, December 20, 2007


Pure arthouse goodness! Greatness, even. The trailer is gorgeous! I've got this mother here n disc and ready for re-viewing, so, come on winter break! I got so overly into Peter Greenaway after seeing 'The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover' in the theatre that I often get blurry on the highs and lows of the specific films (I don't think I've been further than a few of the major films up until 'Pillow Book' and I didn't like 'Prospero's Books' at all) as they tend to blend together now and then just like all that Vonnegut I read in a mid-high school frenzy. Oh well. I always loved them even if it became a little much at times so I'm really looking forward to this one which was my pet apart from 'The Cook...'. I wish I could think of an appropriate anagram.

The oh-so-stylish British quad and Michael Nyman to boot. What more do you need?


Jiangtou said...

a little artsy for our run down cinema, no? but I guess there is something here for the arthouse trench coat set...

saw this years ago maybe at The Bloor, but only after seeing COOK. and at one point I had the soundtrack. do I still have it I wonder?

missed this when it was brought to the Cinematheque Ontario in the past few months.

Michael said...

I like to think it fits in perfectly here. It's art but it's got a real nice bend in it. And I think it would attract similar patrons. Stuffy, it ain't.

I'd love to see it on the screen!