Tuesday, December 25, 2007

sharing the lumps of coal with the audience

Thought we might share some of the lumps of coal that we found in the bottom of our stocking this morning. After I mentionned THE SILENT PARTNER in my last post, I must of course bring up that other yuletime Canadian classic BLACK CHRISTMAS - although it turns out that David Cronenberg's EASTERN PROMISES is a new Canadian Christmas themed cinema offering. Head over to the download page at Canuxploitation! to listen to this radio spot for the film. Certianly can't make gags about obscene phone calls in ad copy these days... Also explore Canuxploitation for more radio ads, theme songs from films including THE BIG MEAT EATER, STARSHIP INVASIONS and PINBALL SUMMER, plus some wallpaper for other fine tax shelter productions.

While searching YouTube for "Santa" and "horror", I came across this tightly edited little gem - kill scenes from bad Santa films – and by "bad" we mean bloody and bad, not mind-numbing Billy Bob Thornton bad. With a heavy metal yuletide score, it contains some violence and nudity that is surprising for YouTube (particularly the deer antlers through the chest of the damsel in destress).

If you need a break from the loops of holiday muzak, listen to the Ken Freedman's Krampus Christmas show over at WFMU, an aural antidote for constant cheery carols with reverence paid to our dark bodyguard of Saint Nick. I have pulled a favourite Christmas country song of mine that he broadcast for your enjoyment. Go here to download it or check out the pop-up player for the song here or the real player link.Or just head over here to listen to the full 3 hour show on MP3 or with RealAudio.

Oh the horror! Santa has been really bad over in Italy! The fine folks at The Groovy Age of Horror share the secrets behind the pages of this nasty fumetti in two parts (one + two) as it is quite the cliffhanger.

And to conclude, look what we have to look forward to:

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Lars Erik said...

Merry Christmas guys! Keep the blog world rocking with your movie posters and tales of cinema-going around the world in 2008!