Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Happy Canada Day! We're 142 today!

In celebration, I thought I'd post this mildly Canuck-themed poster/paper bit.

We Want a Child is one in a long (and grand) series of exploitation films about fortunate and unfortunate sexual couplings resulting in pregnancy, whether wanted or not, and the often catastrophic results wrought upon every character within pointing distance of those with the upstanding and down-laying qualities. A fun night out at the movies!

When this Danish (more daring Scandinavians!) film from 1949 was brought to Canada, it was loaned an extra air of authority in that it was presented by the Canadian Child Health Association. I have no idea whether this is an actual government board or not but it's safe to assume it likely was and that this film was shown (including the always alluring birth of a baby scene) under the guise of public education. All Canadian should be proud to know that we'd gladly squander taxpayer dollars to bring this type of movie to many, many Canadians so that we might one day see the end of pre-marital hanky-panky, dysfunctional relationships, heartbreak and the slippery-sloped ruination of our proud and hardy citizens. Bless us!

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