Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leave the children

Great and varied selection of design and sizes for a lesser-known but nonetheless astonishing late-60s work from John Huston. The cast is uniformly great and I only wish that the character of Anacleto could have been featured in the trailer as his scenes have some astounding impact towards the overall mood and oddness of the proceedings. Originally screened as a print with a golden tint, I think they changed it to standard colour due to the confusion of the sepia over the already strange goings-on. Seek it and be rewarded in glorious excess.


Colin said...

Loved this film when it screened at the Cinematheque over a year or so ago. Looked GREAT!

Michael said...

And then we went for beer! Good times!

I've re-watched it and it's the kind of movie that gets better.