Tuesday, January 01, 2008

his only begotten son?

Around this time last year I went on a Kinski roll, so only fitting that I return to that subject now. While I was jet setting to Barcelona in October I found this clipping in the airline magazine:

I first came to reallize that Klaus had a son when I thought that this guy with funny eyes in the recent Raul Ruiz film KLIMT looked really familiar...

Nikolai Kinski even has his own website where he touts his modelling, musical and acting ventures. Wonder what Daddy's website would have looked like?

It turns out that father Klaus had released nearly 25 spoken word albums straining his vocal chords for Rimbaud, Oscar Wilde, Jack London, and Shakespeare. Many of these performances have recently been re-mastered on CD. Here is a clip son trying to fill papa's shoes:
Kinski speaks Kinski: Nikolai Kinski speaks poems

Postscript: Crawling around the web looking for links, I found this zippy little quote from the Kinski-monster from wikipedia:
When Steven Spielberg offered him the part of one of the Nazi villains in Raiders of the Lost Ark, he turned it down, stating: "[...] as much as I'd like to do a movie with Spielberg, the script is as moronically shitty as so many other flicks of this ilk.", preferring a part in Venom (1981), reportedly because the money was better.

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Jesse said...

"I actually get venereal disease more often than most people catch colds." - KK