Thursday, January 10, 2008

Facsimile smile

In a wonderful case of what had to be wishful thinking, this porno company barely dipped deep into the clearly shallow coffers to push their film through eye-catching graphics that almost perfectly capture what could be, arguably, the most famous poster of all time. Either the artist was pressed for time or completely unable to obtain one of the scarce originals to go by as I feel this subtle doppelganger could almost go unnoticed by both the preoccupied patron or hurried passerby alike. They certainly did sell out of that impossibly popular piece of rolled paper at some locations. I think the added touch of an action sequence in the upper right actually adds to the overall allure of this gorgeous piece of film history. And it's a sequel even!
Whatever the case, it's always a joy to see some touchstone of popular culture represented in adult entertainment. It's like you're in on it and hip. It feels that way still now after twenty years and it must have then, remarkably fresh and fanciful after just six years or so.




Anthony said...

After reading this entry, I picked up the current book i was reading, which was the compilation book of Cinema Sewer, and there it was, the Dusty poster. He wrote a review about the film and more or less said its been cut to shreds and to find a true complete version of the film is hard (although not impossible) to find. Also mentioned that it was taken to court by Farah Fawcett's lawyers for the obvious striking resemblance.

Michael said...

I'm reading that Cinema Sewer book in spurts as well but I haven't got to that part yet. I would have assumed that Farrah and her handlers would not be interested in drawing attention to it at all but what do I know, right?