Tuesday, January 01, 2008

bay of the carnage twitch

There is a sweet little treat over at Joe Dante's Trailers From Hell project - SHAUN OF THE DEAD director Edgar Wright presenting the gloriously graphic (as in artfully graphic, not violently graphic) trailer for Mario Bava's CARNAGE aka BAY OF BLOOD aka TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE, which was recently screened here in Toronto at Rue Morgue's CineMacabre film series.

- I tried to embed the video, but the code and/or their website seems to have some issues tonight, so in the meantime, here is the link.

Other fun stuff being posted this week at TFH including Joe Dante on the trailer to Terence Fisher's HORROR OF DRACULA (Jan 2) and John Landis on the trailer to ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST (Jan 4).

Edgar recently wrapped up his "The Wright Stuff" double bill film series at the New Beverly in Los Angeles where he presented an eclectic line-up of films with special guests. Paul Williams presenting PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE and BUGSY MALONE! FLASH GORDON and DANGER DIABOLIK with Timothy Dalton! Writer/director Shane Black with THE LAST BOY SCOUT and KISS KISS BANG BANG! John Landis with AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and TREMORS! TOP SECRET and BANANAS! BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS and HEAD! RAISING ARIZONA and EVIL DEAD 2! Even though LA is a long ways away for most of us, luckily, we can experience the fab intro conversations with Paul Williams, Joe Dante and Timothy Dalton thanks to the podcasts over at metroblogging LA and CHUD. Here is an interview with Edgar about the series over at joblo.com.


Michael said...

Far out! I just watched Bay of Blood last night.

Happy 2008!

Jesse said...

And big ups to Mr. Wright for making sure The Last Boy Scout was part of the fun - I went to see that film four times first-run - not my usual practice... now if only he had shown some love for Year of the Dragon...maybe next time?