Monday, October 15, 2007

my dream house (or nightmare...)

Been AWOL from the cinema, but the season of trick or treats has lured me back. As the frost begins to mount its attack on pumpkin fields, I am sure to pull out a spooky fave of mine, THE LEGEND OF THE HELL HOUSE. My first time seeing this was when my parents allowed me to stay up to view it on late night television. As my sleepy head nodded off during the broadcast, the film's dense atmosphere invaded my dreams, making the experience one that I fondly remember. Then as a goth influenced teen, I delighted in the use of dialogue and sounds from the film in several songs by the Vancouver band Skinny Puppy, which next to Polanski's THE TENANT, is the most oft-sampled film in their canon.

And here is a flashback for British viewers, including news recap of poll tax riots in Whitehall and Maggie Thatcher just before a late night broadcast. I love how the horrors of real life fade into the creepy organ of the film's intro...

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