Monday, October 29, 2007

Countdown #5

Georges Franju's excellent 1960 horror, Les Yeux Sans Visage, made more American and eye-grabbingly lurid via re-titling and double-billed up with a Japanese/American piece, The Manster. I can't comment for the latter but the former is something I've enjoyed immensely in all formats. A perfect Hallowe'en treat.

You have to go and watch the trailer manually since the embed action is disabled.

Here it is...and it's worth clicking.

And here is the original and altogether outstandingly beautiful and rich French poster...le grand.


armadillo01 said...

"Got no human grace..."

congrats on best of NOW 2007!

Michael said...

I didn't realize until after seeing the film that those backup singers are doing the French translation. It was a true revelation! Maybe my only one that has to do with Billy. Thanks!

Lars Erik Holmquist said...

A classic indeed - but what is that weird colorless US poster? Mine is full color (and proudly displayed somewhere on my blog!) For your information, the Japanese poster is beautiful and the Swedish just plain ugly...

Michael said...

You know, I hadn't realized that yours was colour and that mine was black and white. Odd. I have no explanation but I am willing to trade!

The Japanese is one of my big wants. It's totally gorgeous. Armin has one.