Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Hallowe'en!

I don't even really care all that much about this day and you're lucky that I don't have a ton of scary posters. So, no more autumnal countdowns! Enjoy this one while you still can.

One of the best for last. The incredibly weird and superb Peeping Tom. Another movie that would haunt my subconscious until I saw a small picture of the lead character in a magazine and was instantly scared anew and had to see it again. I can't believe it played on TV. There should be a law to protect children like me. Anyway, it's a great and ghoulish horror and it also has some neat comments on film watching and whatnot in there. Score!

Here is the British one sheet. The UK uses the horizontal quad in their cinemas but they produce these for Brititsh films being played outside the country, apparently. This one is good and lurid. Sex.

And the US one sheet goes more for the jugular. Violence.


princesstrudy said...

"Can you guess how you'd look?"

Best line ever. Hopefully, Clairol would make sure I'd look my best.

Michael said...

Consider every possible occasion when choosing your outfit. Imagine the horror of seeing yourself in his mirror and you're not at your best? The complete horror! This final ensemble and I look a fright!