Sunday, October 28, 2007

Countdown #4

This is one that became a favourite after reading the Incredibly Strange Films book from RE/Search which featured an essay on it. First, I had to track down a copy and then it was quickly cemented into favedom. I was sorta born to like this type of thing but this one is even more special than most, at least to me. The story and performances are so amazing that it is instantly fantastic although, again, a little light on actual 'horror' although it does feature Lon Chaney Jr near the end of his remarkable career. I cherish it and I'm looking forward to the newest DVD version which promises to be something just a little more than the previous one. Jack Hill should be sainted. He is here, I know.

This poster is so hard to find that it's almost crazy. Almost. I was lucky enough to fall into one and, at the time, it was the most I'd ever spent on a single movie poster but I am not regretting it one bit. I see this as probably the last thing I would ever sell from the archive. I've only seen one other sold and I missed out on the lobby set at auction. Too much $! But enough about have you been?

Also, this odd little pairing with Spider Baby under one of it's alias titles, The Liver Eaters. This just seems like a very low-budget drive-in release but it has its own charms.


Jack said...

Thank you for your kind comments abut Spider Baby.
==St. Jack

Michael said...

If that's really Jack Hill, you're more than welcome. It's not an overstatement to refer to you in that way around these parts. I'd likely gush more if I knew for sure.

Lars Erik Holmquist said...

SPIDER BABY is fantastic, and I covet that poster, never been able to get it. Are there any international paper for this? And I did exchange e-mail with Mr. Hill many years ago so it might very well be him - hi Jack!

Jack said...

Hi, Lars. Sorry about the poster not being available. If it's any comfort, I don't have one myself. And let me warn all you guys that the lobby cards posted on eBay are fakes, created by the guy who sells them. No real lobby cards exist, to my knowledge; at least, I've never seen one.

Michael said...

I can't vouch for authenticity but there was a set of 8 lobby cards that sold through Heritage Auctions a few years back. I was the underbidder and I spoke with the gentleman who was bidding for the winner and he explained that I had no chance anyway, regardless of what I said I wished I'd bid. Now I'm wondering if I was lucky after all. I have all eight images from that auction saved if anybody wants me to email them...just speak up.

And Lars, you should have grabbed that one at Heritag last year. It was a steal at $800!

Lars Erik said...

I'm not in the collecting state where I can justify 800 bucks on a single poster... yet... but for that BABY it might just be worth it!

So what about the re-make Jack, are you involved in that?