Thursday, February 15, 2007

"we've just finished making a movie dealing with the most talked about subject of the day... LSD"

Just got back from Berlin where I attended the European Film Market and got the low down on a number if upcoming projects that are on my radar for the Midnight Madness series at the Toronto International Film Fest. Got flyers and updates on lots of cool things. Wanted to update the blog from the road, but wireless was hit and miss.

Easily one of the highlights of the trip was sitting down and chatting with Joe Dante (who we toasted for his birthday on this blog back in November). Joe was in Berlin to drum up attention and financing on his new project, THE MAN WITH THE KALEIDOSCOPE EYES, about the making of Roger Corman's LSD flick THE TRIP. The writers include Video Watchdog master Tim Lucas and director Michael Almereyda (TWISTER, NADJA). To read more about the project, read this news flash over at the Time Out film blog. And found this trailer for the original film and a clip of a Corman interview where he talks about the film. I heard him go into depth about it during the Q&A for a screening of X: THE MAN WITH THE X RAY EYES that he attended here in Toronto a few years back. The interview comes from Media Funhouse, a NYC cable show. Check the stuff they have put up on YouTube including interviews with Russ Meyers, Tura Satana, Ted V. Mikels, Errol Morris, Mink Stole, Karen Black, Fassbinder's editor, Jane Birkin, Wong Kar-Wai, Rudy Ray Moore, and my fave comedian, Shelly Berman!

(Poster taken from The Poster Pit)

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