Thursday, February 15, 2007

what really happened in Boston

Might be old news, but I have been away. I simply can't get enough of the Aqua Teen Terror Alert. Ahhh, the joys of movie promotion. This is almost as good as THE TINGLER shock boxes. Any other examples of promotion gone wrong?

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Jesse said...

A great example of promotion that went wrong - The Apple! One of the reasons it was barely released in America - from

"When this awful film played at the Paramount Theater (now the El Capitan) in Hollywood for one week in November 1980, the film's distributor, Cannon Films, offered souvenir soundtrack records to moviegoers on their way in (albums to the first 100 and 45 RPM singles to the next 1,000). After the first showing ushers had to stop giving the records out because the few customers that paid to see this disaster started throwing their 12" vinyl LPs at the movie screen and around the theater like Frisbees during the film. No rips in the screen, thank goodness, just big dents. For the next showings, ushers tried to hand the records out as people left, but most people refused to take them."