Wednesday, October 03, 2012

31 Days of Horror - Day 3 - Part 2: SLUGS!

Okay. So Detention was NOT a horror film, but rather a pop culture comedy that in a post-Scott Pilgrim world, wears out its welcome early on. Smart jokes and some slick and snazzy execution, but an overload. It wasn't the fright fest that Kat and I were looking at so... DOUBLE BILL!

Popping on the Spanish/American co-production Slugs (aka Slugs, muerte viscosa) by Juan Piquer Simón (aka J.P. Simon) who directed Supersonic Man and Pieces!

I began writing this just as the credits are starting and had to pause after learning that Slugs was based on a book. A quick Google search sent me peering into a rabbit hole when I learned that the prolific author, Shaun Hutson, just might be the inspiration Garth Marenghi (as suggested in this Jonathan Ross interview). Wonder what the most lurid of his works are? I always thought Marenghi was based on Guy N. Smith...

Anyways, back on track and about to start Slugs. Been ages since I've seen this, but remember it delivering on the gore and being surprisingly earnest when I first watched it. Time to get slimy!


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