Saturday, September 22, 2007

Parental Guidance Suggested

I have never seen It's Alive - how can it be scarier than this traumatizing commercial for it?


Anonymous said...

hahaha it's alive is pure low-budget cheese but it also ranks with eraserhead as one of the greatest "bizarre tales of unplanned parenthood". great, great movie. i've never seen this trailer before, but it makes me want to watch the film again (and the sequels!?!?) .....i love it.

Michael said...

I like Larry Cohen but just as I recently found with 'The Stuff', he starts off so well and finishes poorly. But getting to the finish is always fun so I have always wanted to see these films too!

Jiangtou said...

I have a friend who was so traumatized by this film as a kid, as a joke I put the trailer on the tv for it and he freaked out! recently saw a promo for the remake and it actually looks not to bad. takes a different, more current post-partam depression angle to the story