Thursday, September 13, 2007

The grand shadows of fallen giants

Dear CN Tower

Hi. How are you? Are you sad today? I'm sorry if this is the case but try to remember that no matter what happens, you'll always be the coolest freestanding structure in the world. You got that covered easy and nobody can ever take it away from you or you from us.

I'll never forget the high thrills you provided me with and the dizzying fun it is to look up when I'm down there beside you. Remember when Mlle. Moore gave me such trouble for climbing past the bars and into one of those little round window well things? Ha! Screw her! We knew what we were doing. To spit off of your breezy heights is to be alive.

I love you.



Jesse said...

Fun fact: Dar Robinson leaped off the skypod performing a stunt for a Canadian tax-shelter era film called Highpoint starring Richard Harris!

Michael said...

Ha! My original post had a reference to Dar (that's him in the pic) but I cut it due to the very esoteric nature of it all. I'd like to see the film as I remember the hubbub surrounding the stunt very clearly. I also remember complaining loudly for what seemed like forever after that fucking Pepsi ad was removed and left a difiguring logo stain on the side of my tall beauty.

Jesse said...

It was like Pepsi gave the CN Tower the clap.