Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Blue Wire or The White Wire?

This is the kind of film secret sinema societies were made for... Juggernaut!


Michael said...

Jesus! What a cast! I NEED to see this one now.

Jiangtou said...

what does that mean? know where we can find a print???

openeyes said...

This is one of the great forgotten films of the 1970's. It is probably the most intelligent "disaster" film of the era. Unfortunately it came out at a time when people were getting tired of awful examples of the genre.
Roy Kinnear as the director of ship activities is at his best here.

Jesse said...

I'm just sayin' we should keep our eyes out for it is all.

dvdchris said...

I love those old 70s stiff voiceovers!
"The greatest sea adventure of all time has just begun."