Saturday, January 06, 2007

morts-vivants et autres monstres

This dispatch comes from the esteemed Hal Kelly, editor Trash Compactor, of one of the best of the wave of deviant film zines that sprung out of Toronto in the late 80s and early 90s (including Kill Baby!, SubTerranea, Panicos, Tame, She and of course, Asian Eye).

In October of 1990 my wife Angela and I spent a week in Paris visiting friends. Close to where they lived at the time was Le Brady, a nice little theatre that specialized in showing horror films and had a suitably fantastic facade. It wasn't very big inside and it probably only sat a couple of hundred or so people. It was narrow, kind of like the old Rio on Yonge Street in Toronto, but with an aisle that went down the side of the house instead of the middle. It was like a regular theatre, clean and in good shape with no riff raft stalking the back rows, but it was still fun! As you can see from the pictures, at the time it was showing King of New York (mostly on the strength of Abel Ferra's splatter reputation after Driller Killer I
suppose) and Demons (this weblink loads up and plays the theme while you read the entry!). I also remember seeing Charles Band's Laser Blast there. Any anybody else ever been there? Does anybody know if Le Brady is still operating? Probably not...

Good news Hal! Looks like Le Brady is still up and running, but it appears to have lost its cool and creey facade. Proof can be found here and here.

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