Monday, January 29, 2007

little minds warped by little giant monsters

I loved Ray Harryhausen stop motion monster flicks as a kid. Heck, in our house, "Harryhausen" was also used as a verb to describe a jerky, slow walk. As in, " Colin harryhausened across the room to get his Micronaut figures." Something like that...

Over at boingboing I found this posting of a Harryhausen index where you can scroll over a list of his monsters, click on the word, and up pops a little film clip of the beastie in action!
A friend saw him do a presentation recently and recounted Harryhausen talking about the demise of special effects today, because in every tooth paste or soft drink commerical you see computer animated characters. Doesn't quite make it "special" anymore, does it?

And the stop motion magic that he performed on Caroline Munroe's bosom in GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD was something else, wasn't it? (pic found over at Toykostomp)

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Donald Simmons said...

Interesting Fact. The Sinbad movies referenced above each guest-star a Dr. Who (Tom Baker in Golden Voyage, Patrick Troughton in Eye of the Tiger).