Monday, January 15, 2007

Excuse me Dr. Klahn, but what would Billy Jack do?

I just learned from Varietyasiaonline, actor and hapkido teacher Bong Soo Han has passed away on January 8th, 2007. Visit Grand Mater Bong Soo Han's International Hapkido Federation. G.M.B.S.H is proabably best known for his portayal of Dr. Klan in the Enter the Dragon send up in Kentuky Fried Movie. I wonder if he and Master Hwang In Shik ever got in a scrap...

As I was surfing for a posting on my other blog, I found

And there I learned of a "New Exit Strategy for Iraq"

and also "Why Iraq worse than Vietnam". And then there is that old favourite, "The Bush Doctrine of World Domination Through Military Force". I also discovered that, "The new Billy Jack film will be the first film to launch a multi-faceted Moral, Political, Psychological & Spiritual Revolution restoring America to its core principle of being 'the Only Nation Founded for a Moral Purpose' and the core of all morality, 'Know thyself.'"

I found this interview with Tom Laughlin, who starred, co-wrote, produced and directed the Billy Jack series with his wife Delores Taylor (who also appeared in the movies) where actively crusades against domestic violence, lecturing at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and talks about the trouble with O.J. Simpson.

But on his website, you can see a recent video taped message where a thinner version of himself talks about his plan to make a NEW Billy Jack movie. And it will be: The only film investment to guarantee you, in a worst case basis, 100% of your investment plus a 12% interest per annum (or 25%) Return in 24 months… and a high probability, though no guarantee of a 300-400% return in three years. How? Because of three words – Presales, Controversy, and the Billy Jack Brand, with its huge following. He actually makes some interesting points:
“If a picture is intelligently controversial with an intense appeal to a large enough demographic base who strongly support the film, but is intelligent enough so that other demographic groups opposed to the picture must go see it, it will become a box office mega-hit, and it doesn’t matter what the subject is.

“A documentary is lucky to generate $5-$10 million at the US box office. Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, an over-the-top screed that passionately preached to his choir, did an astonishing $125 million at the US box office alone. (Disney who put up $5 million to make the picture was so afraid of the controversy, they would not release it, and it would have never been released had Bob Weinstein from Miramax bought it from Disney and released it.)

“Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, an extremely controversial religious film no major studio/distributor would handle, did over $360 million in the US alone, putting it in the top ten US films of all time, because it had an intense pre-existing following and generated enormous controversy- just like Billy Jack’s new film.

“Deep Throat is still the most profitable film of all time having been made for $5,000, and having grossed over $600 million. When it was first released it was just another pornographic film, and then the Catholic Church banned it, and the brilliant lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, inflamed the controversy into front page headlines when various cities and communities also banned it.

“Controversy - the correct kind – sells. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a political film, a religious film, or hard core pornography.

“Billy Jack’s Moral Revolution will be one of the most controversial films worldwide ever made, appealing strongly to a huge worldwide demographic base, and opposed just as strongly by the pro-war/pro-Bush base."
He also predicts that the opening weekend of the new Billy Jack with be in the top ten! Hmmm... if it worked for ROCKY BALBOA. What about the new RAMBO...? I wonder. This film will also be the most powerful way of setting America back on track! Wow! Clearly Tom has not mastered the art of the quick pitch, but I do admire him as he seems to be taking a page from the success of the LEFT BEHIND series and the art of the pre-sale. Is 21st century America ready to have "One Tin Soldier" cued up...?

If you are a qualified investor and would like more information or the investment packet, contact him!

Or if you are not up to producing his new movie, just buy one of his books:

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