Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Evil

This one is timely! Good times when Dion Conflict presented this a few years at the Royal and handed out noise makers, instructing us to use them evey time we heard the word "Evil!" A hoot! Dion - still have your print?


gubrats said...

Hey , now that the royal's back open perhaps a screening is in order :)

Dion Conflict's Personal (for now) Blog said...

Indeed, and it's mint.

This launched the DION CONFLICT ARCHIVE's first soujourn in a real theatre and was great fun. Imagine being in a theatre and hearing a wonderful non stop of New Years Party Horns, while seeing some nurse in a mental institution get stabbed, meanwhile tons of "new wave music" plays.

I still have people quoting lines of that movie to me!

Ziarul Strada Mare said...