Friday, December 15, 2006

Ennio Face!

Next year's Academy Awards telecast just became worth watching - they're giving Ennio Morricone an honorary Oscar! He was nominated five times but never won. You know they're going to get Eastwood to present it to him.


Dion Conflict's Personal (for now) Blog said...

I believe he did the soundtrack for EXORCIST 2: THE HERETIC as well.... class.

Anonymous said...

"the ecstasy of gold" from _the good, the bad and the ugly_ might be my favorite piece from a score ever. yo-yo ma actually has a nice recording of it, not as emotional as the film's version, but still nice.


Jesse said...

What range Ennio's displayed! Besides all the westerns, scoring The Battle of Algiers, Danger: Diabolik and Carpenter's The Thing!