Saturday, December 23, 2006

my new fave spaghetti of the hour...

One evening when I was in Barcelona this past October, I hung out with some friends at an apartment and one of the guys popped on a dvd of A GENIUS, TWO PARTNERS AND A DUPE (aka Un Genio, Due Compari, Un Pollo), a Terrence Hill (MY NAME IS NOBDY, TRINITY) Italian western comedy starring Patrick McGoohan (!) as the baddie, Quebecois (aka French Canadian) pop singer Robert Charlebois (in France at this point, Charlebous was an outlandish figure in a Montreal Canadiens hockey sweater who sang to the accompaniment of a jazz-rock group, becoming a novelty in French pop music) as the half Indian bumbler, the sweet actress Miou Miou, and Klaus Kinski as the oppenent in the introduction to Hill's character! Supposedly the opening sequence had been shot by Sergio Leone, but either way, we were all hooked! Fast and funny with a Morricone score I had never heard!

Plus there is a chase scene that I think proves the influence of Hill comedies on Jackie Chan besides the usually referenced Buster Keaton.

As per usual, the film is not available through any legit North American sources. We watched the Spanish release on dvd. Why the bias against Italian Westerns on this continent? Here is a link over at Shobary's Spaghetti Westerns for more pics and info on the film. There are some decent companies like Wild East releasing spaghetti westerns on NA dvdand for more info go to A Fistful of DVDs, a database of releases.

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