Monday, August 09, 2010

which is better? now or then?

Someone just asked me if, with the number of specialty cinema theatres/projects that are appearing on the Toronto landscape, if there has been a better time to be a movie fan in this city?

I'd argue yes, there were better times. And better movies.

Here are 4 different pages from The Toronto Star from '68, '72, '79 & '81.Have a look at the listings today and which would you prefer?

Hard to imagine today a major cinema doing a revival screening of a film released over 30 years prior, like the Famous Players Theatre at the Eglinton was doing with Chaplin's The Great Dictator. All we get now is a release of Avatar, with extra bloating! And on the same page, is Peter Watkin's Punishment Park at the Avenue Cinema, in amongst the 31 other films to choose from including Prime Cut.

The answer, I think, is obvious.

(click on the pages to look at the images bigger)


32elvismovies said...

I'll have to take a closer look at the scans, but assuming the Avenue was the one located directly across from the Eglinton, meaning it was still around in '72. Always thought it closed down in early '60s. Thanks for pointing that out!


Michael said...

I think the trend is to feel that things are picking up (and they are, it seems) and it's getting better to be a film fan in Toronto but it will never reach those dizzying heights of yesteryear! The product (and/or selection) just isn't so fresh.

Low Def Love said...

i just printed a few of these out for the projectionist at my work. he loved them.

Stephen said...

Where and when today will you see things like 8th great month as listed on the Arthur Ad! Even Avatar (the highest grossing movie of all freakin time) lasted what 4??

It is getting better (the TO Underground is AMAZING) but it's true it will never reach those heights of the past that we look for with rose tinted glasses.