Thursday, January 08, 2009


I refuse to keep this up. I refuse to do this for all of 2009. Somebody keep Scott Walker, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Ray Davies safe for me, please.

Goodbye to Ray Dennis Steckler, one of the most glaringly cheap filmmakers ever. And one of the most insanely watchable and fun ones too. How can you not just love his films? I've even watched The Chooper (aka Blood Shack) twice! I begged my local variety store/rental place to sell it to me for $10 on VHS! I also have an unwatched DVD around here of the XXX stuff he made and was apparently not so proud of but it paid some bills, I guess. I'm always on the watch for any Cindy Lou Sutters (his one porn alias) posters and especially those that have a similar style such as these...

And his other films are just always classics of their respective genres and exercises in enthusiastic guerrilla filmmaking at its best and most awesomely inventive!

My personal favourite and the poster that has hung behind me while I've sit at this monitor for six years or more...

And its ultra-cool and stylish opening credits with Steckler starring (as he often did) under his acting name, Cash Flagg!

Here's a great J.D. movie that has Ray starring as 'Preacher Man'.

I'm sorry if you've seen these before and/or for all the images but this one really stings for me personally. I always hoped to one day go to Vegas and get the chance to meet him. Damn! Who wants to come over and watch Sex Rink with me?


Dave Ehrlich said...

A great tribute to a true maniac. First Bill Landis and now Steckler. *sigh*

Michael said...

Things cannot continue in this manner and at this pace! It's got to get better in the meat of '09.