Monday, January 05, 2009

its just for the articles, obvously!

Went to my mailbox today and Santa was tardy in delivering one of his gifts! I could blame the influence of all the eye candy over at the Undead Film Critic for my recent impulse buys of vintage smut on Ebay and these pristine copies are the latest addition to my new collection. You can read them when you come over for those promised gin-based cocktails, Michael. You just can't take them in the bathroom with you.

But seriously - check these articles! Harlan Ellison on Starlost! The late Gerard Damiano on the big screen porn game. Sean Connery on Zardoz nude scenes! A Robert Altman interview! And of course, the ladies are an added bonus. Going to save til I get home after work, put on the slippers, mix myself an Old Fashioned, and enjoy!

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Undead Film Critic said...

Very nice selection.

Let's see, you've got the April 1974, which along with Sean Connery and a bevy of topless ladies also has an interview with Johnny Carson. Very nice.

Also the June 1974, which has Harlen Ellison being...well Harlen Ellison, along with a number of Bill Wenzel cartoons.

And while I know nothing of the other mag, HOT DAMN is that covergirl fine!