Monday, November 12, 2007

Montreal - Italian Style!

Kick-ass car chase from the 1976 Italo-actioner Blazing Magnum, starring Stuart Whitman, Martin Landau and Carole Laure! Spot the Montreal streets and neighbourhoods getting pummeled by muscle cars in this grimy but punchy if only I could find the karate-chopping transvestite gang rooftop fight scene this picture also contains! I feel so patriotic right now.

(thanks for the find, Reitzel!)


Jiangtou said...

dude - this is a Phanta-Scope hopeful! And the print hails from Montreal!!! I did find the transvestive clip on youtube awhile ago.

Jesse said...


We have to show it.

Rick said...

Wow! What a great chase. I must now find this movie and you say it has a karate-chopping transvestite gang. Does film get any better! Thanks.

Dave Ehrlich said...

This film is available in the "Grindhouse Experience Vol. 2" DVD boxed set. You get car chases, a deliciously sleazy score and a completely-unexpected Stuart Whitman versus murderous tranny trio rooftop slugathon, to boot.